Bill Rubin

Bill Rubin

This website comprises my work on a random set of things that interest me.

The Day I Came To Understand the Pervasiveness of White Privilege

Essay: My personal insight into an underpinning of racism.

My Favorite Music

Essay: The story of my favorite music, and how it came to be.

A Secure Remote Control for a Garage Door

Technical article: Constructing a secure remote control for an automatic garage door opener.

Overview of Blockchain

Essay: Overview of a new technology that will profoundly change the world.

Passacaglia and Not Fugue

Performance: My attempts to play a bit of two famous passacaglias.

My Little Brother Bobby’s Moment of Glory

Essay: A childhood memory.

Trip Switch Booleans in C++

Technical article: Published in ACCU's CVu, , pp. 12—13.

Fairview Fire Tax

Public Service: Reports on the Fairview Fire District from through .

Property Tax in Dutchess County

Blog: Information and commentary on property taxes in Dutchess County, New York,
with special focus on the Fairview Fire District, from through .

Another Backup Plugin for KeePass

Open Source Software: A plugin for the KeePass Password Manager, last updated .

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